Dermot & Dave | Ah Sure, Look It


By Fergus Dennehy

#ThrowbackThursday to March 2017 when I nervously interviewed Dermot & Dave of Today FM for work and how I completely forgot to put it up on this until now.

Happy reading! 🙂

IN the hours leading up to interview with Today FM’s Dermot Whelan and Dave Moore, I will admit that I was feeling nervous; a duo that are renowned for their wit and oftentimes random sense of humour, I was left wondering how I could possibly keep up with them throughout the course of an interview.

To help soothe my nerves, I took to Twitter and send out a mini cry for help in coming up with questions which I could ask the duo and sure enough, in a matter of minutes, I only got one reply…from Dermot Whelan himself.

‘Ketchup or brown sauce?’ it reads.

A question that is so unexpected, so random and so wonderfully Irish does enough to snap me out of my nerves and a half an hour later, when I get the lads on the phone, I feel much more at ease and we quickly get to talking about their upcoming INEC show on Thursday, March 16, the first night of their brilliantly titled ‘Ah, Sure, Look it’ Tour.

“We’re very, very proud of the name!” says Dermot, the pride evident in his voice

“We were stuck trying to think of a name for it and someone just happened to walk by us and we just heard them say ‘Ah sure look it, isn’t that it’ and honestly that’s how the whole thing came about,” he says letting out a hearty laugh.

The wonderful rapport between the two presenters is evident even over the phone, evidence of the 12 years they have spent working together, first in Dublin’s 98FM and now on Today FM, a rapport that they now will bring in front of a live audience in Killarney next week.

When asked about what people can expect from their stand up show in Killarney, I refer back to their quotes in the INEC press release.

“Imagine a bonkers radio show that grows legs and arms and a head and starts firing out craic and waving its arms like an angry King Kong in that movie. Not even close.”

“It’s all our listeners’ favourite characters, stand-up, improvised comedy, music and an interactive gardening segment – what’s not to love?!” added Dave.

When I point out how random and bizarre the night sounds like it is going to be, all I can hear is heavy laughter from the pair.

“Yep, that sounds pretty accurate,” Dave chuckles.

“We did the show in Cork and Galway last year for a comedy festival and Jason Byrne was on after us on one of the shows and he couldn’t believe how much things we crammed into our show, usually comedians have a t-shirt, a microphone and thats it, ours is eh, a little bit different,” Dave laughs gulitily.

“There’s going to be props, costumes, songs, video footage, characters, stand up comedy, improvised comedy and musical impressions; it’s going to be like a circus is happening inside our heads and we’ll just take everything we think of and put it out on stage,” Dermot says, laughing again.

I ask the lads if there will be any of that dreaded audience interaction and particpation on the night and there is a small moment of devilish silence as no doubt their brains whir with all the thoughts of what they’re going to be doing.

“There will of course be some interaction!” says Dave

“The show begins with audience interaction, and ends with audience interaction and just for good measure, we’ve thrown a bit of interaction into the middle of the show aswell, just to be consistent,” he continues.

“Don’t worry though, we won’t make anyone feel bad, we won’t be picking on anyone.” Dermot chimes in.

On how they manage to come up with some of the very random ideas that populate their both their radio show and their live stage show, the pair admit that it’s something that into; simply put, whatever makes them laugh, it has a good chance of getting into the show in some form or another.

“Usually, anything that we’re laughing about or chatting about at our desks, this is a good indicator of what is going to work; if we’re just messing around the office and something makes us laugh, then that will end up working on the radio orat the very least, we’ll end up giving it a shot,” Dermot continues.

“I tend to love comedy where there’s no script and you just have to improvise and talk off the top of your head and see what comes out; that has allowed us to maybe try out different things than other comedy duos so I think that I’m definitely a wild card on stage as to what I’ll come out with,” Dermot finishes.

The ‘Ah, Sure, Look it’ show in the INEC on Thursday (March 16) will be the first time that the duo have performed on stage there and they admit that they are very excited to get on stage.

“We were down in Killarney for the Ring of Kerry last year and it was such a brilliant atmosphere and such a beautiful town aswell; we’ve been down at a load of gigs in the INEC but this will our first time on stage. A load of mad Kerry people in front of us, what’s not to love?! says Dermot.

Doors open at 7:30pm and he show starts at 8:30pm with tickets available from the INEC box office.