My Awkward Life | The Mysterious Baby


My Awkward Life | The Mysterious Baby

I was walking down the street this afternoon when a woman in front of me started talking loudly on the phone about a baby of some sorts that she knew.

Now, I’m certainly not someone who often follows random strangers down the street to listen to their conversations, but this time, I think it was acceptable.

I hope.

God, I sound like a right creep in this post.

I’m not, I swear.

Anyway moving on, this woman on the phone, she kept trying to say this one particular thing about the aforementioned toddler; but she was being constantly cut off mid sentence by what I could only guess was a very rude person on the other end of the line.

Just try to imagine yourself listening into this, be honest, you’d obviously want to know the full story aswell. Here’s how it played out:

“The baby is…”


“The baby is…”


“The baby is…”


Now, I was at this point far too invested in this woman’s story, all I wanted in the world at that moment was to find out what the end of her sentence was.

‘The baby is…what? The baby is…what? The baby is what? Finish your story woman!’ I inwardly pleaded with her.

I was just silently willing her on with all my might to finish her sentence, I NEEDED to find out the story of this infernal baby.

Sadly though, it was not to be.

‘Mysterious Baby Woman’, as she’s now been dubbed,  turned up a different street to me and now, I and consequently you reading this, will never know.


The baby is…gone.