Tralee Gardaí Seek Publics Help To Locate Missing Woman

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Tralee Gardaí are on the look out for a missing woman. 

TRALEE Gardaí are seeking the publics assistance in helping to help to find a missing woman.

68 year old, Kathleen Malone was last seen today at Kerry General Hospital between 3pm and 4pm.

Kathleen is described as 5 feet 5 inches in height, of slim build with grey hair.

She was wearing olive green jeans, a white t-shirt and green jeans.

Anyone with any details on the whereabouts of Kathleen Malone is asked to contact the Tralee Garda station immediately on 066 7102300.


My Awkward Life | The Exam


My Awkward Life | The Exam

I’m in the middle of supervising a local college exam, it’s one of the last of the week and everything is going pretty smoothly. 

I’m patrolling the little section of the exam hall, basically three rows of desks, that I’ve been assigned to.

As is probably natural when you’re in a confined area for a long period of time, two hours to be precise, I’ve grown quite used to my little area and I’ve adopted quite a protective nature over it.

My routine is simple:

I walk in between the rows of desks, all in perfect silence if I do say so myself, walk to the end of the row and allow myself to stand for a few seconds on the spot before relaxing for a few seconds on the edge of a vacant desk, before I’d slowly turn up towards the next row and do it all again.

All of this while of course giving some expert eagle-eyed supervision along the way over the 30 or so exam candidates seated around me in this, my student filled dominion I watch over. 

Yes, everything in my corner of the world is going just right, well, as right as it can be for someone supervising exams. 

I’m at the end of the third and final row of desks in my section, right in the middle of my moment of relaxation when suddenly I notice…

‘Hang on a second’ I think to myself, inwardly frowning, taking in this new development ‘what is she…?’ 

Another supervisor (let’s call her Fiona) had started walking slowly down a row in MY section. This was unheard of…

She’s moving slowly down the rows, hands cupped behind her back, eyes darting over all of the students, her footsteps not at all silent. 

‘Maybe she’s just made a mistake, it’s been a long day and she’s probably just not as vigilant as I am. She’ll get to the end of and realise she’s in my area and it’ll all be grand,’ I reassure myself gently. 

She reaches the end of the first row and instead of looking up and realising her silliness, she turns and starts slowly walking down the SECOND row of my section, her footfalls annoyingly loud.  

‘Okay, okay, don’t panic,’ I quickly think ‘she’s probably still just confused, it’s an easy mistake to make, I’ll just subtly let her know’ I think confidently.

I move off from my spot on the edge of the vacant desk and start walking down the next row, alongside the one my fellow supervisor has (hopefully) mistakenly encroached upon. 

‘Ahem’ I cough quietly as I near her, ‘this should sort it,’ I smile, inwardly confident.

Nothing, no reaction, as she continues her trespassing. 

‘Okay probably too quiet, I’ll step it up, she is going to feel so silly when she realises what she’s done, we’ll laugh about this afterwards. It’s classic Fiona…’ I chuckle inwardly myself. 

‘AHEM’ I cough more loudly.

Success! She looks up just as I’m passing her, I give her an encouraging smile, just to let her know there’s no hard feelings, before ever so subtle nodding back towards her section, which of course means: 

‘Come on, you’ve had your fun, now get back over to your own area you scamp’. 

‘Poor woman, the embarrassment she must be feeling now’ I think, offering her another encouraging and pitying smile. 

She smiles back and continues on her way, stopping at the end of the row before she slowly moves to sit on the edge of my vacant desk, where she then stays for two long minutes before heading back up my THIRD row of desks. 

‘My God! The nerve of her…’ I think. ‘This wasn’t a mistake by her at all, she’s purposely walked into my section, she’s trying to make me look bad in front of the others, this is an act of war!”

‘Oh-ho-you have messed with the wrong person, two can play at this game!’ I huff to myself, ‘I’ll beat her at her own game!’, making my way over to HER side of the hall.

I’m at the start of her original section of desks and start my routine, determined now to supervise the heck out of her students.

‘We’ll see who makes who look bad now’ my body full of inward maniacal laughter. 

One step, perfect silence, another step, perfect silence.

It’s like clockwork through the first two rows of her area, I glance over, she’s not even looking at me, the shame of losing her section to me must be eating her alive.

‘Haha!’ I’m congratulating myself on a well earned victory as I walk through the final row when suddenly —


I look down and see that I’ve stepped onto some old wooden floorboards hidden underneath the carpet.


The noise echoes through the entire hall, breaking the exam atmosphere and drawing stares from some of the students and the other supervisors. 

‘Oh God, she’s tricked me…I’ve been bested’ I realise instantly, this was her plan all along.

The exam ends a few minutes later, and as the students depart, the rest of the supervisors organise the scripts before they head away for the evening. 

Fiona is collecting her jacket when I make my way over to her, determined to let her know that I’ll be ready for her games next time…

“Phew, glad that’s over, they really do drag on don’t they” she smiles at me. 

“Haha, yeah they do, it’s a long ol’ day, I answer. 

“My legs are killing me, all that walking, you’d be on autopilot most of the time, you wouldn’t know where you’d be wandering. Well, see you tomorrow!” she smiles. 

“Yeah, see you tomorrow” I respond with a smile of my own.

‘What a lovely woman’ I think to myself, before grabbing my own bag and jacket and heading out of the hall.

A Petrol Station Shop In Tralee Was Robbed At Hatchet Point Last Night

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Gardaí are looking for anyone with extra information on the incident.

STAFF at a petrol station in Tralee were last night subjected to a terrifying experience after a man brandishing a hatchet threatened them before robbing a sum of money from a premises.

The incident occurred at Kelliher’s Toyota Car Sales in Rathass at approximately 8.20pm, in the convenience store located beside the petrol pumps.

The man, who is believed to be in his early 40s, managed to take the sum of money from the premises but was arrested by the Gardai a shortly after.

He’s currently being detained under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act.

Gardai are asking for anyone that might have any extra information to come forward to help with their investigation, which they say is at an early stage. T

hey’ve asked anyone who was in the Rathass area at around 8.20pm last night, who may have information useful to the investigation, to contact Tralee Gardai on 066-7102300.

Tralee’s Xtra-Vision Closes After Liquidator Appointed To Company


Tralee’s Xtra Vision store in Manor West.

THE Xtra-Vision store in Tralee has today closed its doors for what looks to be the final time after a liquidator was today appointed to the company.

The move is expected to see hundreds of jobs being lost around the country as multiple stores in the chain cease trading nationwide.

The company’s owners, UK-based Hilco Capital, petitioned the court for the appointment of Michael McAteer of Grant Thornton Ireland as the provisional liquidator of Xtra-vision Entertainment Ltd.

The closed store in Manor West cut a dark and lonely figure this afternoon with a sign posted on the door directing anyone with any questions or queries to contact one Grant Thornton.


The letter on the door of Xtra Vision in Manor West today.

The sign reads: “Xtra-Vision ceased trading today 27th January 2016 and entered Provisional Liquidation. Michael McAteer of Grant Thornton was appointed Provisional Liquidator.

“We would be grateful if you return your rentals through the letter box or if you have any enquiries, please contact the offices of Grant Thornton on +353 1 6805 805.”

Over 580 jobs are expected to be lost.

The writing had sadly been on the wall for the chain for a while now it seems with the dwindling movie rental market and a poor Christmas performance the reasons behind the liquidation.

In an RTE report on the matter earlier today, Edward Farrelly, BL for Xtra-vision, said the appointment of a liquidator would result in some of the jobs being saved but it was accepted that most of the company’s employees would have their employment terminated.

He added that any gift vouchers issued by the company would be honoured.

The company operates more than 80 outlets in both the Republic and Northern Ireland, and related company Xtra-vision Ireland Ltd which owns the stock.

My Awkward Life | The Sandwich


My Awkward Life | The Sandwich

On my walk home from town one day, I decide to stop off in my small local park for a few minutes to eat a sandwich that I’d just bought.

It’s the middle of October and I settle myself down on a bench near the entrance, to enjoy some of the rare/unexpected sunshine.

The park is empty except for myself and a peaceful looking old man on a bench in the far corner of the green area.

It’s wonderfully quiet here, the noise of the nearby traffic is dulled by the tall trees surrounding the area, I sit peacefully and ponder quietly to myself as I happily nibble away at the BLT sandwich in my hand.

I glance over at the old man, sitting peacefully in his own little sunny and warm corner of the world, we are at this moment bonded by our shared relaxation, I think happily to myself.

We are two men of completely different ages and experiences, but brought here to this park by our shared love of nature.

The peaceful stupor of the park is abruptly broken however by the entry of a third party, a thuggish looking man, a man one who has obviously not come here to enjoy some sun, a man who-

‘OhGodHe’sStoppingRightInFrontOfMe’ I realise.

“Harry! What you doing over there?! Get the ‘f**k over here now!” this new man shouts across the park.

I don’t know who Harry is, but I don’t think I’d keep this guy waiting, I think to myself.

“Harry! Now boi!” he continues shouting, as I sit quietly on the bench behind him, wondering if I can leave or not.

I sneak a quick glance over in the direction he is shouting and see that Harry is in fact the old man whom I have bonded with, ‘this thug in front is going to harass my fellow bench and nature lover!’ I realise.

As my mind races, something quite unexpected starts to happen in front of me.

Harry and ‘The Thug’ (as I have now christened him) have embraced each other in a hug and are now exchanging a number of items that look suspiciously like drugs, right dab in front of where I’m sitting eating my sandwich.

My quick sandwich sojourn has now suddenly turned into me being the awkward, baby faced third party at some sort of street level drug meet.

‘Right, right, I’m in the middle of a drug deal, in a park, in broad daylight, next to a Tesco. This is absurd’ I think to myself, mind racing ahead as to what will happen after they’ve concluded their business.

‘I mean, they must know I’m right there and witnessing all of this…they’re bound to have something to say…’

They finish their ‘exchange’ and Harry, the traitor, walks off towards the exit of the park, leaving myself and The Thug alone.

‘I’ll just explain that I didn’t see anything, that I won’t say anything and that’ll be that, he’ll understand surely…’ I think quickly.

He sits down next to me on the bench, ‘Shit, shit, shit, shit’ my mind racing now, as he proceeds to grab the sandwich from my hand and throw it with fury into the bushes behind me. 

“Alright chap” he proceeds to says.

“Hello,” I reply, shocked at the complete sudden change in the situation, I’m now sandwichless for a start…

“Now, I’m going to ask you a question and if ya answer wrong, I’ma knock your face in, you understand?”

“Right, I’ll try my best” I respond with a slightly shaken voice.

“Do you have a fiver on ya?”  asks as he moves slightly closer on the seat. His face is very pock marked I note quickly, not the best breath either.

“Ummm, no…” I answer truthfully.

‘I spent it all on that sandwich you so callously threw away!’ I think angrily to myself.

“Wrong answer chap, I’ma give you one last chance and if ya answer wrong, I’ma knock your face in, ya hear?”

“Right” I say back, knowing that I probably won’t ever have have the ‘right answer’ for him.

“DO you have a fiver on ya?” he asks again, my body already eyeing up the exit at the far end of the park. ‘I could make it…’ I think.

“No I really don’t,” I respond again, before hopping off the bench and running for the exit.

Reaching the exit, I turn around and see that I’ve left The Thug, my would be attacker, alone on that cursed bench in that cursed sunny park, with the remains of my uneaten sandwich just visible, strewn in the bushes behind it.

Farewell, dear friend I think sadly, as I make my way slowly down the dark main street. my stomach rumbling just a little.

Tralee’s Ultan Dillane Named In Six Nations Squad

Ultan Dillane

Ultan Dillane was today named in Joe Schmidt’s Six Nations squad.

TRALEE’S VERY OWN Ultan Dillane will be over the moon this afternoon after it was announced that the former Tralee RFC player and current Connacht lock would be in Joe Schmidt’s 35 man Six Nations squad.

Ultan has been named in the squad for the first two rounds of matches and it will be interesting to see how the towering 6’6 and as yet uncapped 22 year old second rower fares during the tournament.

Ultan was named in the provisional training squad that met in Carlton House recently obviously impressed the coaching staff there, leading to his call up to the full squad.

Ultan has been garnering great reviews for his performances for Connacht over the past year and has now played 18 matches for the team this year, 15 of these appearances coming in the Pro 12.

His sheer strength, imposing figure and technical skill on the field have seen his name spoken of highly amongst the various rugby circles.

The future is certainly looking incredibly bright for Ultan and lets hope he can do himself, his family, Connacht and his former team, Tralee RFC proud when he meets up with the rest of the squad before the first match against Wales on February 7.

Good luck Ultan!

PHOTOS: New Phase Of Renovation Work Begins In Austin Stack Park

Kerry GAA 5

Photos on the Kerry GAA website today show work is well underway on renovations. 

A NEW POST on the Kerry GAA website has today shown that work has begun on the second phase of renovations on Tralee’s famous Austin Stack Park.

The first phase of this operation, which took place last year, involved the resurfacing and laying of a new sand based pitch.

The second phase of development involves the following:

• The levelling and concreting of the John Mitchel’s end terracing

• Installation of a new modern floodlighting system

• Removal of the wire perimeter fencing to be replaced with a spectator friendly low wall topped by metal horizontal bars

• The perimeter wall will have safety gates to allow pitch access for spectators in the event of emergency

• Upgrading of the team dugouts to include elevated seating.

Kerry GAA are hopeful that they will have completed these renovations by March 6th when the grounds will re-open to host the Allianz League double bill when Kerry play Wexford in hurling and Donegal in Football.

Scroll down to see photos of the work from the Kerry GAA website…


Work has begun on the second phase of redevelopment in Tralee’s Austin Stack Park. Photo: Kerry GAA website.

Work has begun on the second phase of redevelopment in Austin Stack Park.


Work has begun on the second phase of renovations in Tralee’s Austin Stack Park. Photo: Kerry GAA website.


Work has begun on the second phase of renovations in Tralee’s Austin Stack Park. Photo: Kerry GAA website.


Work has begun on the second phase of renovations in Tralee’s Austin Stack Park. Photo: Kerry GAA website.