VIDEO: Fenit Is Looking Pretty Well In This New Drone Footage

Fenit Drone

Fenit is looking stunning in the new ‘Irish Drone’ footage. 

WE’RE pretty blessed here in Kerry to live so close to such beautiful places and amazing scenery, but sometimes we are prone to forgetting just how stunning it all can be.

That’s why when new drone footage of our fair land emerges from the woodwork, we tend to get pretty excited.

This latest edition of scenic shots comes from the team over at ‘The Irish Drone’ YouTube Channel (check them out here) who managed to capture some truly excellent footage of both Fenit Pier, Fenit Lighthouse and the surrounding area on a rare day of wonderful weather.

It’s certainly worth a look, you can check it out in the video below.


The KY Comedy Club Is Set Raise Funds For Recovery Haven


The KY Comedy Alternative Club will be raising funds for Recovery Haven.

THE ALWAYS POPULAR ‘KY Comedy Alternative Club’ will be making its triumphant return to the stage this coming Wednesday, February 24th when they perform in the Tatler Jack pub in Killarney.

The ‘Elect Laughter’ event will be one of the clubs first comedy nights of 2016 and judging by some of the excellent performances that were on offer in 2015, it will be certainly guaranteed to draw a few laughs from you.

It will all be in aid of the Recovery Haven Cancer Support House, which provides a large number of much needed services and help to those suffering from cancer along with their families (you can check out the services offered by Recovery Haven on their website here).

The popular, well known and incredibly quick witted comedian Anthony Riordan will be the headline act on the night, and who will be bringing with him a host of other excellent support acts for you to enjoy through out the show.

Everything will kicking off in the bar from around 8:45pm on the night and with entry free and spot prizes to be won on the night too, there’s really no excuse for not popping in and checking out the acts over a quick pint (or two), all for a very worthy cause.

My Awkward Life | The Mugging



My Awkward Life | The Mugging

This is a completely true story.

The year is 2011 and I’m a baby faced 19 year old, second year student in Mary Immaculate College, who is slowly and awkwardly making his way through the social quagmire that is the college experience. 

My first year had been quite, eh, uneventful to say the least, with my strong shyness limiting me to just a handful of interactions with my classmates, with our conversations limited to: 


“Oh hey, how are you?”

“Good, you?”


“Cool, cool, [insert silence] Look, I better head away there sure”

“Okay, nice talking to you, bye!”

This year though, I was determined to step it up a notch and push the boat out a little and with my recent hairdressing mishap far behind me (that’s a story for another time), things were so far going swimmingly.

‘Note to self, don’t use the word ‘swimmingly’ in real life’ I thought 

I’d teamed up with some a group of friends that I’d met in the Gaeltacht the previous Summer and we had become quite the ‘fellowship’, as I liked to call us anyway. 

So it was that one dark and wet Thursday night, as I settled down to watch TV, I got a text from my friend Catherine, telling me about a house party that her and her friends were throwing at their place at around ten that night. 

“Cool, see you there so!” I replied. 

‘This is it, this is going to be an excellent party. This is where all those classic college stories start’ I told myself convincingly.

So after gulping down the remainder of my dinner, a hurried shower and a quick goodbye to my flatmate and his girlfriend, I was out the door, ready to arrive bang on time at the 10pm for the party.

SIDE-NOTE: It wasn’t until after this that I realised the very important (and apparently well-known) rule that no-one ever arrives on time for a party.

I got to the general area of Catherine’s house at 10pm on the dot and not knowing exactly where I was at this point, sent her a quick text looking for directions.

Not hearing anything back from her though, I decided that standing suspiciously in the dark outside peoples houses wasn’t really a good look for me and so I headed back to my apartment, where I watched an absolutely fantastic Channel 4 documentary on Roman Villa’s (seriously, it was excellent). 

Towards the end of the show, Catherine texts me telling me that the party has started and that I should come on down and so I’m soon heading out the door again, bidding goodbye to my flatmate and his girlfriend (again) and making way through the now very dark and very deserted Limerick City streets. 

I’m passing the Redemptorist Church when I notice a lone figure standing outside a house on the opposite side of the road.

‘Uh oh, this guy looks kinda shifty’ I think to myself.

‘There’s still time for me to turn around here…’ I think, looking around for another route, ‘No, I’m being silly nothing is going to happen to me’ I reassure myself. 

I continue onwards, now level with the shady hooded figure, who to my sheer and utter terror is crossing the road towards me. 

“Well boi, you’ve got the time on ya?” he says to me.

“Uh, yeah,” taking my phone out of my pocket to check for him, “It’s 11:30” I reply before starting to walk on. 

“Sound lad,” he says, now following me down the deserted street, ” Actually do you’ve a lighter on ya?” 

“Sorry man, I don’t smoke” I say back, now noticing that he’s moving awfully close to me. 

The situation now heads south, very quickly. 

“Right man, gimme your f**kin phone now or I’ll break your fingers” he snarls as he waves a very menacing looking hammer in my face. 

‘OhHellIsThisActuallyHappening—‘ my mind races.

‘I can’t have broken fingers!’ I panic, ‘My exams are in a few weeks!’.

I’m thinking about making a run for it, I take a quick glance back up the road towards my apartment, it’s completely deserted. ‘Could I make it?’ I ponder, testing my leg muscles to myself

‘No, If I’m caught, there’s no telling what he’d do with that hammer…’ now resigning myself to losing my phone. 

“Your phone! Give it to me!” 

“Okay, Okay” I respond, handing over my loyal Nokia phone to the hooded man, who then darts back up the street and into the house he was first standing outside. 

The silence is now deafening on the empty street, I stand there alone for a few moments, the reality of what has just happened slowly sinking in…

‘I was literally just mugged…’

Now shaking all over, I slowly stumble my way to my nearby friends house (different friend) where I hurriedly and anxiously explain what has just happened.

They call the Gardaí who arrive, in force, twenty minutes later. 

I head outside to them where I explain what happened and point out the house that he ran into.

“Thank you sir, now we might need your help identifying the suspect, would you mind coming into the house with us?” 

“Uhmm, okay I guess” my brain now in such a whirlwind that everything is happening at ten times its normal speed. 

So it is that less than two hours after I was watching a Channel 4 documentary on Roman Villas, I’m now dressed in a some sort of bulletproof/stab-proof vest, standing in a group of other Gardaí as we prepare to ‘raid’ my muggers house. 

“Are you ready to go sir?” an officer asks me, snapping me out of thoughts. 

“Yeah, I guess…” 

I’m positioned in the middle of the group of Gardaí, the officers in front of me now preparing to force open the front door of the house. 

After a few tense and nerve-wracking (for me anyway) minutes, we’re soon inside and I’m quickly jostled and harried up the wooden spiral staircase at the end of the hallway. 

We reach the upper part of the house, which looks like some sort of studio flat with a kitchen and living room amalgamated into one and where we see my mugger sitting on a couch in the middle of the room. 

One half of the group secures him and I’m told to follow two of other Gardaí into what looks to be my muggers bedroom. 

“Right, your phone might be in here so we need to do a thorough search of this area, I’m going to need you to flip the mattress”

Not even questioning the logic of this situation anymore, I flip the mattress off of this mans bed and I’m soon tossing and turning everything in the room, all in the look out for my missing Nokia phone. 

I feel quite bad for my mugger at this point, I’ve come in and completely wrecked his house, all for what was essentially a very old phone. 

“We found it!” comes a voice from the next room.

“Is this your phone sir?” showing me a black sliding Nokia phone. 

“Yes indeed, that’s it” relief flooding through me. 

“It looks like he snapped your SIM card when he heard us coming though,” he says to me. 

‘That vindictive, vindictive man!’ I think to myself, ‘there was no reason for him to snap it!’, my sympathy for my mugger disappearing in a second. 

“We’re going to need to hold onto it for tonight but you can come and collect it at the Garda station tomorrow morning” the Garda says to me. 

“That’s fine, yeah,” I reply. 

“We’ll get one of the others to give you a lift home now” he states. 

“Ahhh, quick question, can I keep the vest?” I ask cheekily indicating the vest they issued me with.

“No” he replies curtly and walks away. 

The Gardaí drop me back to my flat where after explaining the situation to my flatmate and his girlfriend, I head straight for bed, exhausted and where I fall into a deep sleep almost immediately. 

I was so tired from the nights excursions in fact that I overslept for the college the next morning, thus causing me to miss my first ever lecture in my first two years of college. 

After the night I just had though, I didn’t mind one bit. 

My Awkward Life | The Woman Downstairs


My Awkward Life | The Woman Downstairs

This is a completely true story. 

I’ve been looking forward to this trip to Dublin for a while, I haven’t seen some of my ‘college friends’ (as they’ve become known) in well over a year, so this is going to be a great chance to catch up with all of them again.

My bags packed, I hop on the early afternoon train from my hometown of Tralee and soon, I’m passing away the approximate four hour journey on the train by reading, listening to music and generally avoiding the inevitable awkward eye contact with my fellow passenger, seated directly in front of me.

‘Don’t make conversation, don’t make conversation, don’t make conversation…’ my inner voice silently pleads with the man intermittently throughout our long journey together. 

The train pulls into Heuston Station at around 3pm and I’m soon skillfully weaving my way through the huge throng of people currently making up the stations population that day.

‘Excuse me, woah, just trying to slip through there please, thank you, sorry’. 

Before you can say ‘tourist’, I’m out on the street, hopping onto the LUAS, a ‘packed to the brim’ school bag on my back and scrolling through the messages on my phone to see what bar my friends told me they were in.

It turns out they’re in a bar at the very top of O’Connell Street and after winding my through the bustling and cheerful June crowd, I’m soon sitting in a wonderfully cool roof top bar, sipping gratefully on a nice cold pint and chatting to some of my favourite people in the world. 

All too soon though, my friends are getting up to leave, they’re heading for a concert in Croke Park and I, the ‘eejit’ that I am, forgot to get tickets so I’ll be meeting them afterwards. 

Catherine, my friend, gives me her keys and the directions to the house she shares with her elderly landlady. 

“Poifect, that’ll do the finest, enjoy your concert and send me a text when you’re finished and I’ll meet you all out afterwards,” I said to her as she departs. 

I’m finished my pint a few moments later and I head back down to street level where I hail down a taxi. 

“Can you take me to Kimmage?” I ask the driver, just about stopping myself from saying ‘You know, the place from the Monopoly board’, knowing that he’s probably heard that (still brilliant) joke a thousand times. 

“I sure can, hop in.”

It’s a pleasant enough journey in which I manage to bluff my way through GAA talk with generic phrases I’d learnt from work

“Ah shur look, Eamonn Fitz has done a great job down there, we’ll just hope Gooch is back firing soon yano.

“That diving is taking the game to the dogs shur, a disgrace so it is” I say to him, wondering to myself if this is anyway correct. 

I think he buys it though, he’s nodding away to himself, “Mmmhmm, you’re dead right son”, I’m quickly giving myself an imaginary pat on the back.

As I depart the car, I watch him drive away knowing that he’s probably thinking to himself ‘this young fella sure knew a lot about his football’. 

I let myself into Catherine’s house, head up stairs to her room, drop my bag and sink onto the soft bed, where I lay relaxing on my phone for the next while. 

A short time later, the front door downstairs opens and I hear what must be the elderly landlady returning home, she potters around downstairs for a few minutes before I hear her shuffling feet making their way up to the second floor. 

‘I wonder if she knows I’m here?’ I think to myself, sitting on the edge of the bed.

The landlady is now in her bedroom and directly across from her room is the room where I’m now sitting, pondering to myself about what is the best way to let her know that I’m in the house. 

‘Okay, maybe I could say this’ 

  • ‘Hello, I’m Fergus, Catherine’s friend and I’m just staying here while she’s at the concert, I hope that’s okay. 

‘Or this’

  • ‘Hey there, didn’t mean to scare you, just wanted to let you know that I’m Catherine’s friend and I’m here in the house. 

However by the time its now taken for me to come up with a line to introduce myself with, the landlady has now returned downstairs. 

That’s when it hits me.

‘Oh god, by me not introducing myself when she was up here, she’s now going to assume that she’s here in the house alone’ I realise. 

‘So If I go down now, she’s going to wonder why I didn’t just introduce myself when she was right next door to me upstairs, she’ll think I’m sort of…weirdo’ I panic. 

‘I can’t let that happen, it’s be too awkward if I went down now so…think Fergus, think!’


‘I’ll just sit up here, quiet as a mouse, until Catherine gets home/or even better, the old lady heads away again and I can sneak out unnoticed and walk back in like I’ve just arrived’. 

‘I mean realistically, how long could Catherine be gone for…’

What follows is some of the longest SEVEN hours of my life as I sit trappedin complete silence, in a creaky floored bedroom, in an elderly landlady’s house, in Kimmage of all places. 

Here’s how it all looked on Facebook at the time:

The Woman Downstairs

“My life is a sitcom right now”-Fergus Dennehy, 2015

During these seven hours, I occupy myself by staring at the ceiling, using up all of my mobile data, reading the instructions on for a laptop and watching the sunlight through the window as it disappears slowly away into evening time.

This eventually leaves me sitting in the complete darkness of nighttime, unable to turn on the light or indeed even try and reach for the light switch across the room, for fear it alerts the woman downstairs to my presence. 

‘I can’t remember the last time I spoke…’ my now addled mind rambles. 

‘I can’t remember life outside this room…’

‘This is the longest anyone has ever gone without moving, ever…’ my mind now descending further into the deepest depths of madness. 

The landlady meanwhile, has not left the house.

Instead she has, by my hearing anyway, cooked dinner, put on the laundry, cleaned the house and is now watching Coronation Street. 

There’s no sign of Catherine, my texts to her going unanswered so far.

Hearing the start of a new show downstairs, ‘I’m going to be here for a while yet,’ I inwardly groan.

Fast forward: it’s now midnight, I’ve been trapped been here since 5pm and I’ve lost all sense of time and the outside world. 

Suddenly though, a glimmer of hope appears as I hear the landlady switching off the TV, heading upstairs and into her bedroom and the sound of a bed creaking.  

Hearing nothing for a few minutes, I decide that now is the time to move. 

I grab my spare clothes out of my bag and very, very, very carefully change on top of the bed. 

‘I’m getting out of here, I might actually pull this one off!’ I think proudly. 

With everything ready, I move to grab my phone from where it’s been charging and without even thinking, I pull the phone charger from the socket: 


I’m almost home free when suddenly: 

“Hello? Who’s there? Is there someone here?” comes the elderly voice in the bedroom. 

I’d been rumbled. 

‘All of that, for nothing…’ I mumble, finally getting to exercise my vocal chords again.

The landlady is out of bed now and after introducing myself, (and making up a story of how I was napping the entire time I’ve been here) this lovely elderly woman in Kimmage, whose house I’ve been trapped in all evening, brings me downstairs, makes me a sandwich, some tea and we watch a full of episode of ‘The Fall’ together. 

It was magical. 


This has been ‘My Awkward Life’, if you like it, please share or tell your friends and if you have any recommendations or queries, please get in contact. 

Here’s How Many Times That Kerry Has Won The Lottery Jackpot


The National Lottery was formed in 1986.

THE NATIONAL LOTTERY has today released the figures showing how many times each county has won the ‘jackpot’ prize since the organisations founding in 1986.

With Dublin of course being the highest on the list with 565 winners, this writer was pleasantly surprised to see Kerry featuring amongst the high rollers with an impressive 36 winners over the last 30 years, placing us 14th overall on the list of winners.

Leitrim is the area that has sold the fewest jackpot winning tickets over the last 30 years, with only 7 winners during this time.

Check out the full list of National Lottery winners by county below: 





Marcus Howlett Is Bringing A New Running Event To Kerry This Year

Marcus 24hr

Marcus Howlett of Run The Kingdom.

THERE’S A NEW running event winging its way towards Kerry in 2016 and judging by the enthusiasm that the organiser, Marcus Howlett, and the running community of Tralee and beyond have shown so far, it promises to be quite the experience.

Marcus, CEO/Founder of the ‘Run The Kingdom’ (RTK) company and Race Director of the Tralee International Marathon, is now delighted to bring the ‘Kerry 24/12/6 Hour Endurance Track Race’ to the Kingdom this September. 

The event, which the RTK website states will be one of the ultimate tests of running endurance in Ireland, is already proving incredibly popular with those determined and tough as nails runners, as at the time of writing, the event is already over half way to being sold out. 

It will all take place at the An Ríocht track in Castleisland on Saturday September 24th through to Sunday September 25th, will see runners take to the 400m long track where they will complete laps of the track for their chosen period of time, with a 6 hour run, a 12 hour run and a 24 hour run the options available. 

“It’s the first time that an event like this will be held in Kerry and the Republic of Ireland (ROI) really, there was one held in Belfast but this will be the first time something like this will come to Kerry,” said Marcus talking to us yesterday. 

“Ultra-running is a growing area and personally, I’m into ultra-running myself and the track out at An Ríocht is just perfect for the event,” he continued. 

“It’s not just going to be a sporting event, it’s a tourism event aswell. We have runners coming from all over Ireland and from the UK aswell, it’s going to be a great chance for Castleisland to show itself off on a national and international scale,” he continued. 

While still a long way off yet, Marcus is hoping that on the day, as many people as possible get down to the track during the event to give support to all the runners, especially those who will be running during the night when it will be most difficult. 

“To run for 24 hours non-stop around a 400 metre track, it’s hard enough to run that long out on the road but to do it on a track, that takes mental toughness, they’ll [the runners] have a great sense of achievement. It’s going to be fantastic event,” he finished. 

To find out more about the ‘Kerry 24/12/6 Hour Endurance Track Race’, you can head over to the RTK website HERE where everything is layed out in detail. 

The Popular ‘Darkness Into Light’ Event Is Coming To Tralee This May

Darkness Into Light 2THE incredibly popular ‘Darkness Into Light’ fundraising event, now in its eight year, will be making its first ever appearance in Tralee this coming May in what is sure to attract a huge number of people.

An event first designed as a fundraising event for Pieta House, an organisation who provide a free, therapeutic approach to people who are in suicidal distress and those who engage in self, will now arrive in Tralee on May 7th at 4.15 am, with more details to come in the following weeks.

This will be the first time ever that event will be held here in town, with registration for the event set to open in March.

The 5km walk/run will is an event that has over the past number of years attracted thousands of people and continues to promote a positive outlook on mental health.

Tralee’s Colin Aherne is one of the main men behind this years event in town, with mental health a subject that is very close to his heart.

“I went to Pieta House last year about bringing ‘Darkness Into Light’ to Tralee, but it was too late when I had my ‘Walk for Life’ event on, which Pieta was a chosen charity for,” said Colin talking to us today.

I got close to people in Pieta House last year and this year I was contacted to do the event and I gladly said yes,” he continued.

“It means a lot to me this event, not just me to be able to get this event to Tralee but also that it creates great awareness of the great serves that Pieta House do. Since there is a new Pieta House here in Tralee back, it just gives this event a lot more meaning,” he finished.

Colin said that he and the rest of the organising committee are looking forward to having this event and are looking to create a very special and moving experience for everyone who takes part.

You can follow the Tralee ‘Darkness Into Light’ Facebook page here for more information as it comes.

For more information on the event itself, you can head to the ‘Darkness Into Light’ website HERE.