SOMETHING COOL: Watch As Young Man Interviews Himself 38 Years In The Future


Peter Emshwiller

An 18 year old Peter Emshwiller filming his film ‘Later That Same Life’ back in 1977.

LET’S face it, we all spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about what’s to become of us in the future and what we will end up as in life.

What if though, you could somehow ‘interview’ your younger/older self and ask/tell them anything you wanted, what would you say?

This is the brilliantly simple concept behind Peter ‘Stoney’ Emshwiller’s latest film project entitled ‘Later That Same Life’.

Back in 1977, when he was a long-haired, slightly fresh faced 18 year old, Peter sat down and recorded a series of interview questions which he imagined he would ask his ‘older’ self.

Peter, now 56 years old, recently returned to finish the second half of his project, 38 years later, with the results as strange, wonderful and intriguing as you would expect.

Peter is hoping to release the full length film and has set up a fundraising page HERE to help do so.

You can check out a brief snippet of the film in the video down below…


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