TRALEE NEWS: Tralee Mans Mix-Up Leads To Unexpected Opportunity

Las Vegas

Joe Griffin’s less than stellar camera skills went viral this past week.

THE old saying goes that two wrongs don’t make a right but for one Tralee man, many continuous wrongs all of which included a GoPro camera, have somehow led to an incredible chance for him to film a promotional video of Las Vegas.

Joe Griffin, who is a Clogherbrien native but now living in Dublin, found himself at the centre of a viral internet story last week when footage from his August trip to Las Vegas was uploaded to YouTube by his son Evan.

If you haven’t seen it yet, then I’d recommend you do so below, but suffice to say that he might need to brush up on some of his camera skills.

The Las Vegas Tourist Board were clearly so enamored with Joe’s four-minute long ‘sightseeing’ trip that they contacted him and offered to fly him and his son out to film the promotional video for the famous city.

You can clearly never predict which video is going to go viral, but for Joe and his camera mishaps, he certainly found a winning formula here, just not the right camera angle.

Check out the famous footage down below…


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