VIDEO: Castleisland’s Niamh Finds Third Almost Identical Lookalike


Castleisland’s Niamh Geaney has found a third almost identical lookalike.

A CASTLEISLAND woman, who earlier this year achieved worldwide fame after finding two almost perfectly identical doppelgangers, has now gone onto find her third ‘twin stranger’ who again bears an uncanny and almost scary resemblance to her.

The original project started as a bet between Castleisland’s Niamh Geaney and her two friends, Terence Manzanga and Harry English from Dublin City University.

Back in March of this year, the trio set themselves the challenge of seeing who could find their closest lookalike, or their ‘Twin Stranger’ as they dubbed the project, in just 28 days.

After just two weeks, the search came up trumps for Niamh after she located her first ‘twin’ in Karen Branigan, before going on to find her second doppelganger Luisa Guizzardi in Italy.

Niamh Doppel 1

Niamh Geaney with her first ‘twin stranger’, Karen Branigan.

Niamh Doppel 2

Niamh with her second ‘twin stranger’, Luisa Guizzardi.

Well, they say that good things come in ‘threes’ and this is certainly the case here after Niamh recently met up with her third lookalike, Irene Adams, who hails from Sligo.

The two woman are filmed meeting for the first time in the video below and as you will see, the resemblance between the two is almost identical.

“People who didn’t know either of us would think that we’re related,” Irene states in the video.

If you’d like to look for your ‘Twin Stranger’, head over to their website HERE.

Check out Niamh meeting her third ‘twin stranger’ in the video below…


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