Tralee’s Randall Wharton Needs Your Votes In Prestigious Blog Award


The man himself in action. 

A PROLIFIC TRALEE runner and writer has recently seen his two talents combine after it was announced that his ‘RandRuns’ blog had made it through to the finals of the prestigious RunUltra Blogger Awards.

Randall Wharton has fast become something of a household name in the wider running community and he will now join some of the biggest names in the sport as they battle to secure the title of the ‘2016 RunUltra Best Blogger Award’ when it is announced in London next year.

His ‘RandRuns’ blog is where Randall has been busy documenting his running life on the blog for the past year or so, where he consistently reports on all the races and events that he attends and always in the most entertaining manner.

“I’m absolutely thrilled! Christopher McDougall, who wrote the ‘Born To Run’ book, is in the final as well and that book was one of the things that inspired me to run in the first place. I’m just amazed I made it!” said Randall speaking to Fergus Dennehy earlier this week.

Having made it onto a list of the top 50 running bloggers from all corners of the world is an achievement in itself, but Randall would certainly like to go one step further than this and is looking for the help of the public in securing the much needed votes.

Voting has now opened for the awards and anyone wishing to vote for ‘RandRuns’ can do so through the voting page HERE while you can read Randall’s posts beforehand on his blog site HERE.


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