VIDEO: Social Box TV’s Blooper Reel Will Make You Crack You A Smile

Social Box TV Bloopers

There are plenty of dodgy dance moves and laughs to be seen in the Social Box TV 2015 blooper video.

WELL it’s happened, the Christmas holidays are officially over and there is a definite sense of gloom about the place.

With this long dreaded day comes an end to those glorious lie-ins, deluge of daytime television, Netflix and the non stop intake of food.

So while we all sit at our desks in shock at the sudden change in lifestyle pace, one thing that might crack a smile (even a small one will do) is the new 2015 blooper video by Tralee’s Social Box TV.

If you’ve attended any event in town over the past year, you’re sure to have crossed paths with the hardworking team of filmmakers.

In the spirit of the year, they went off and collected all of their best blooper footage from the past year and compiled it into one 7 minute long clip that’s definitely worth a glance or two.

Featuring dodgy dancing, policemen on horses, lots of fluffed lines and plenty of laughter, check out the clip below.


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