One Judge Is Less Than Pleased With Conditions In Tralee Courthouse


Judge James O’ Connor is not impressed with some of the conditions on show in Tralee.

ONE JUDGE who is not happy with some of the conditions in Tralee’s courthouse on district court days is District Court Judge James O’Connor, who used his first sitting in 2016 to highlight some of his issues he has with the building.

An Irish Times report by Anne Lucey has reported that the Judge has lashed out at the ‘noise and filth’ seen in the Tralee Courthouse on district court days while also revealing that he finds it to be the most awkward court in both Kerry and Cork.

He goes on to state that court sittings are usually delayed during the Wednesday sittings due to the large amount of noise that emanates from the large hall where people are ‘smoking and yapping’ throughout the day.

With regards to what could be done to help solve the situation, Judge O’Connor proposed that the Gardaí already present at the court could be used to keep order both inside and outside the courthouse.

He said the Gardaí should ‘get them off the steps and out of the precincts of the court completely’.

Tralee Courthouse remains one of the few remaining courts in the country that has not received any refurbishment in recent years, with many council sessions and one Dáil question failing to reach any decision.


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