Helpful Tralee Community Facebook Group Hits Huge Milestone

Ruth Falvey 2

Ruth Falvey, creator of the page.

SOMETHING we all know but a lot of the time forget is that in life, it’s the little things that we can do for other people that count the most and which usually end up going the longest way with them.

Now of course implementing this helpful spirit so-to-speak into your daily life practice is certainly no easy task, but one local woman who is up to such a challenge is Tralee’s Ruth Falvey.

Ruth is the creator and administrator of the popular ‘Tralee Do You Know’ Facebook page (click here) which this past week celebrated a huge milestone in its short existence as it passed over 5,000 members for the first time.

Since its inception just over a year ago the page has fast become the ‘go to site’ for almost everything Tralee related.

Local people can go onto the page and post their query and they will usually get a quick, helpful and personal response.

This writer had the chance to speak to Ruth on Saturday and get her view on the popularity of the page:

“Well, the site is really just to inform people of events and recommended services in the Tralee area. I mean anyone can google businesses in Tralee but they cannot get the personal recommendations that you get on this page, it’s really all about connecting with the community,” she said.

So what does  of the ever increasing popularity of the page?

“I really didn’t expect the level of interest but I am delighted that people have engaged with it so well and are helping people out by responding to their queries,” she continued

“I feel a great sense of community has been achieved with the success of this page and I know others feel the same from the feedback I’ve received,”

“I have to say my highlight of the page was when a local woman lost a sum of money in town [that was going to use] to pay her bills and the people on the page rallied together and through a ‘GoFundMe’ page helped raise back the money she had lost,” she finished.

The story in question saw Ruth and her ‘band of merry followers’ demonstrating the exact community spirit that she was hoping for when she set up the page.

“It was fantastic, just being able to see all these people popping in with all the little donations,” Ruth said at the time.

(That story was covered by this writer during my stint at and can be read over on their site HERE)

“With the positive media coverage this page has had. I really hope that more and more people join and expand the community spirit!,” said Ruth of what the future of the page might hold.

Some people might cringe and say that it’s ‘just a Facebook page’ and they’re right, it is just a little page full of small queries, but sometimes, just sometimes, it’s the little things that really do count.

Just look at these testimonies: 

Tralee Do You Know

The page is a great help to those in town.


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