My Awkward Life | The Door


My Awkward Life | The Door

I’ve just finished taking photos at an event and everything has gone smoothly.

I’m on my way out of the building where I meet two guests who I’ve photographed, they’re standing right next to the exit.

With a smooth flick of my hand, I bid them farewell and turn for the door, congratulating myself on being so suave.

I reach for the door and find it locked…

‘Odd’ I think.

That’s when I realise that I’m at the emergency exit, to be used, obviously only in the case of emergencies.

Well I for one, not wanting to turn back around and walk through the crowd of people after my shambolic mistaken door mishap, decide that my predicament equates to an emergency.

I slightly force (yes force) open both (yes both) of the emergency exit doors, praying with every fibre of my body that it’s not alarmed (it’s not) and make my way out.

With the door really not wanting to close behind me, I just walk briskly off…leaving the emergency exit door completely open (propped open with my enduring embarrassment) to whatever thieves, scoundrels and/or alcoholics that want to enter sneakily.

Some say it never closed properly after this.


I’ll just leave this here…


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