TRALEE NEWS: Patients At Kerry General Hospital At High Risk Of Infection According To New Report

Kerry General Hospital

A new HIQA report has stated that patients in KGH are at a high risk of infection.

A REPORT compiled by the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) has found that patients in the Kerry General Hospital are at a high risk of infection due to a substandard physical enviornment.

The report which was compiled in July of this year, the first of two reports compiled on the hospital, found that high risk findings were identified in relation to the maintenance and infrastructure of the Operating Theatre Complex, the infrastructure of the Oncology Day Unit and the management of the legionella related risk.

The physical enviornment within the hospital was reported to have been below the national and international standard required to reduce the risk of infection to patients.

It is stated in the report that “extensive deficiencies in the maintenance in the hospital physical environment were
observed by inspectors in the Operating Theatre Complex. Overall, the Operating Theatre Complex was dilapidated with several areas of ceilings, walls, woodwork,and floors significantly damaged, worn and non-intact to the extent that they could not be cleaned effectively, and facilitated the production and accumulation of dust.”

It goes on to state the the findings were “unacceptable” in any clinical area but are of particular concern in high risk clinical areas such as operating theatres.

The findings of the follow up report, compiled in August of this year, were significantly more positive it seems after it was stated that numerous plans had been put in place by hospital authorities to oversee the improvements in the required areas of the hospital.

You can read the full HIQA report on the Kerry General Hospital HERE.


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