VIDEO: UK Singer Kelly Oliver Sings About Tralee In Her New Music Video

Kelly Oliver 2

Kelly Oliver has premiered her music video for ‘Miles to Tralee’ online.

A TALENTED UK singer and songwriter that recently penned a tribute song about her grandmother’s journey to England has now seen the music video for her song premiere online.

The London-based singer is the creative talent behind the song ‘Miles To Tralee’ which tells the tale of how her grandmother left her hometown of Tralee to go to England in order to find work and her desire to return home to Tralee and the land of her birth.

“The video is set in London, and shows me walking the streets, imagining the longing my grandmother might have felt to return to her home in Tralee once more,” said Kelly talking to Fergus Dennehy recently.

“I am very connected to my Irish roots, and feel very much a part of the culture when I visit Ireland. This is something I feel my grandmother has passed on to me,” said Kelly when talking to Fergus Dennehy recently.

“I am a contemporary folk singer influenced heavily by traditional Irish music and was inspired to write about her story because she has partly inspired my career as a folk singer. It makes me happy to think about her whenever I sing it, which is an element of the folk song tradition,” she finished.

‘Miles to Tralee’ will be officially released on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Bandcamp on November 20 and will feature on Kelly’s second album which is set to be released in March 2016.

Check out the music video to Kelly’s ‘Miles To Tralee’ down below…


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