TRALEE NEWS: Local Woman Ann Marie Is Looking To Raise Funds To Help Sister Suffering With M.S

Ann Marie Heaslip

Ann Marie Heaslip is hoping to buy a wheelchair accessible car for her sister Carmel.

ONE TRALEE woman is currently in the midst of a tireless fundraising campaign that she has set up in the hopes of providing a better way of life for her sister.

Tralee’s Ann Marie Heaslip is the driving force behind the campaign through which she hopes to raise enough funds to help buy a wheelchair accessible car for her sister Carmel, who has been living with the debilitating disease Multiple Sclerosis (M.S) for the past ten years.

The indomitable sisters are originally from Tipperary, but have been living here in town for the past 18 years. They are hoping that the goodwill of the public, along with a few entertaining fundraising events along the way will be enough to secure the much needed resources.

They have first set up an online fundraiser (click here) with an initial goal of €10,000, but Ann Marie admits that it could still end up costing a lot more than this.

“It’s [the online fundraiser] is trying to raise funds to get a wheelchair accessible car for my sister, Carmel. She has M.S and she’s been wheelchair bound for the last ten years,” said Ann Marie talking to Fergus Dennehy recently.

“She actually can’t go anywhere independently anymore and it costs a fortune if she wants to go anywhere outside of Tralee really. We were thinking that we could get a car and then maybe somebody could drive her around. It’s going to cost a lot, so at the moment, we’re looking at raising the more realistic figure of around €10,000,” she continued.

“We’re trying to get a concert going aswell; I’ve been scouting around looking for a suitable place. Getting the musicians won’t be a problem; we’ve so many family and friends that are musically minded that they’d love to help out,” she said.

“People have been suggesting a cake sale aswell, we’re maybe looking at a little event before Christmas with carol singing being one that has been suggested,” she finished.

If anyone would like to donate to the online fundraising campaign, you can do so by clicking HERE.

So far, the campaign has manged to raise just over €185 of the €10,000 goal. Ann Marie is hoping that more coverage of the campaign will help her reach the goal.

If anyone would like to help Ann Marie in setting up any fundraising activities, she said she would be more than delighted with the help and that you can contact her with ideas on (087) 795 3066.


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