TRALEE NEWS: Tralee Scout Troop Raised Money Recently For Temple Street Children’s Hospital

1st Kerry Scouts

1st Kerry Scouts helped to raise money for the Temple Street Childrens Hospital with their inaugural Halloween disco.

THE LEADERS in the 1st Kerry Scout Troop here in Tralee were certainly kept busy at the recent Halloween weekend when they welcomed into their den all sorts of ghoulish creatures as part of their inaugural fancy dress disco, in which they managed to raise up to €170 for a worthy cause.

The disco, which was attended by a whole host of terrifying witches, vampires, ghouls and mummies, was held in aid of the Temple Street Children’s University Hospital which provides health care to some of Ireland’s sickest children.

The night saw children from the ages of 6-12 years’ old dress head to toe in their best costumes and head down to the Scout Hall, located on Matt Talbot Road, for a night of sweets, dancing and a whole lot of fun on behalf of the charity organisation.

“It’s a fantastic thing to collect for really, I suppose we were trying to instill a sense of community spirit into our youth members and it’s also part of our programme that we run a community event. So, we thought about this a little bit and we thought ‘what better way to enhance the community spirit’ [than to arrange the disco] and do a little good aswell,” said Jimmy O’Donnell, Group Leader for the troop.

“We invited the girl guides and the brownies and we sent out word to every other scout group in town aswell to join us. We charged three euro in and everything else (tea, coffee and biscuits), it was all donated,” he continued.

“It was mainly a disco for the younger people, for children. We had realised that there was no event like it in town for that age group [6-12 years] that parents could take their kids to,” he said.

This writer paid a trip down to the event and judging by the hoots and howls of laughter emanating from the flashing lights of the ‘disco hall’; it was certainly an event that was enjoyed by all that attended.

The success of it has already led the leaders of the troop to turn their heads to next year and the disco becoming possibly an annual event, in which the troop will raise for a different charity every year.

“We might look at something else next year aswell, for another specific charity, but I suppose we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it,” he finished.


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