VIDEO: Strangers Band Together To Buy Struggling Man A Car

Stranger Car

Mr Ford was overcome with emotion after hearing the good news.ย 

IN NEWS that is almost guaranteed to warm your heart and restore your faith in humanity, a generous young couple recently took the kindhearted step of purchasing a car for a stranger after hearing about his struggles to get to work each day.

Sean Merrill and his wife Darilyn are the couple in question and who were driving home late one night when they saw a man walking along the side of the road, looking quite weary and carrying what looked to be a lunch box in his hand.

This man was school caretaker Robert Ford and who after accepting a drive from the obliging couple told them how he had missed the bus home that day and how his commute to and from work could sometimes take close to three hours.

Touched by his story, the couple decided to try and help raise a little money for the school caretaker to help buy him a car and so recruited Mr Ford sister-in-law Kathy into their scheme.

They set up a GoFundMe account and soon found themselves working with close thirty people who all helped to raise enough funds to not just buy a car, but also to help pay off a large chunk of the first years insurance.

All that was left after this was for the couple to go and surprise the unsuspecting Mr Ford with the keys to his new transport.

You can watch the emotional scenes in the video below, you might wantย to grab the tissues for this one…


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