Tralee’s Alanna Will Be Back On Our Screens This Thursday Night

Alanna Diggin

Alanna Diggin will be talking about how the show impacted her life this week. Photo by Fergus Dennehy.

TRALEE’s Alanna Diggin is set to grace our television screens again this coming week when the follow up show to her acclaimed fly-on the-wall reality show ‘Connected’ airs this Thursday, December 17th.

Alanna was a mainstay in our living rooms in October and November of last year when she starred, along with five other women, in the reality show in which she filmed her life on a daily basis for over nine months.

It was at times a hard and tough watch, with the then 21-year old talking in detail about the sadness that she has suffered so far in her life.

Tears, along with moments of complete honesty and vulnerability were shared for the entire country to see.

The follow up show, aptly titled ‘Re-Connected’ will catch up with Alanna and the rest of the women in the show as they reflect on the shows impact on their lives.

It [my life] has changed in a big way. I grew a lot more confident in myself and my abilities. I would never have gone out filming myself in public a few years back, I had to with this. Being on camera isn’t so intimidating to me and it was something I always wanted to try. I grew as a person as I got to watch myself back and see what I did/didn’t like, got to see what I was like through the same way viewers saw me so I learned more about myself in that sense,” Alanna said, talking to this writer earlier on.

“It has made me want to work in the media, I’m not sure what section yet, but I have continued doing videos for YouTube in my spare time and I am currently part taking in a yearlong radio course,” she finished.

Re-Connected will air at 10pm on Thursday, December 17th on RTÉ 2. 


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