PHOTO: Tralee Mother Sends Customs Officers A Lovely Note


One of the best things to receive when living away from home.

THERE’S NOTHING worse than missing a family member or loved one around the holidays and it can be especially hard when that loved one is living halfway across the world in Australia.

This was the situation facing Tralee mother, Jacinta O’ Mahony whose son Brendan has been living down under in Perth, Australia for the past four years.

As all ‘Irish Mammies’ are prone to doing, she decided to send a care package down to Brendan to help getting through those holiday blues just a little easier.

However, worried that some of the items in the package wouldn’t make it through the notoriously strict Australian Customs, she decided to write a genuinely lovely note for the officers there.


Jacinta O’ Mahony left this note for the customs officers in Perth.

It reads:

“Customs in Perth Airport. Happy Christmas from Ireland, just some goodies for my family. Please have a sweet and we will see ye in August when we hopefully get to visit your lovely country. Thanks for letting my gifts through.”

A lovely thing to read and something guaranteed to get you through to the weekend.

Hat tip to and Danny Roche. 


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